February 2013

DrupalCon Sydney 2013 Guide update


Since we announced and released the DrupalCon Sydney 2013 Guide a few weeks ago, we've seen quite a few people download it and give us feedback for it. Thank you, we really appreciate it! However, we decided that we weren't done with the app yet, and so we'd like to let you know about the update we've prepared for it.

Android app on Google Play First things first: the update is out now on Android. Go to the Google Play store and get it, or get your device to update it for you.

Download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch The iOS update is out now as well. Go to the iTunes Store on your device and update it.

Now, here's some of the details about what's in the update:

Rate DrupalCon Sydney sessions with the Guide app


DrupalCon Sydney 2013 is now over! We had a fantastic time, and we'll be talking about that really soon, but first there's an important matter we'd like your help with.

The Drupal Association is looking for feedback on the sessions presented at DrupalCon Sydney 2013, and are encouraging you to submit it via the web. We understand that there are some issues with the submission form on the DrupalCon site, so we decided to help out by reminding people about a different approach for your feedback.

Example app ratingWe've got a rating system already in place on the DrupalCon Sydney 2013 Mobile App. The data goes to the Drupal Association and the feedback is critical for the DA so that they have a better idea of what sessions people want to see, and what feedback to give to presenters. We really appreciate the many of you have already have already used the mobile app and ecourage you to rate all the sessions. 

For those that haven't, please do the following::

  1. Download the app for your phone or device from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Run the app, open the Sessions list and navigate down to the session you want to rate.
  3. Click the Rate this session button.
  4. A form will be shown, prompting you to select a star rating from 1 to 5, as well as enter a short comment.
  5. Click Save, and your results will be saved and sent to us.

If you have any problems submitting, please let us know. The future of DrupalCon depends on your feedback!

When DrupalCon came to Sydney


A DrupalCon is one of the biggest events on any Drupal developer's calendar, and in February 2013, it came to Sydney for the very first time. We've had numerous DrupalCamps and Drupal Downunder events in previous years, and even some Drupal South events across the ditch, but we haven't really seen anything that covers the scale and gravitas of an official event. Now that I've actually been to one, I'd like to share my impressions of it.

DrupalCon: an organizer’s perspective


It felt like yesterday when it was announced that Sydney would host the DDU in 2013 at the Melbourne DDU 2012. After the great camp that Melbourne community had delivered, I was inspired to volunteer with the local Sydney team in putting on the DDU in my own city. But what I didn't expect was that DDU 2013  was going to turn into a the first DrupalCon held outside the U.S and Europe. The conference was held in Coogee at the Crowne Plaza, overlooking the beautiful beach.

Drupal Sydney News Feburary 2013


Sydney DrupalCon Recap


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