January 2013

DrupalCon in your hand: the DC Sydney mobile app


DrupalCon is the biggest conference held in the Drupal community. Since 2005, it has run in ten countries across the world, growing from under 50 people at the first DrupalCon in Antwerp all the way up to 2012’s conventions, pulling in over 3000 people in Denver alone.

In 2013, for the first time, DrupalCon is being held in the southern hemisphere, in CrossFunctional’s hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Apart from being the platinum sponsor, CrossFunctional has developed a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android for DrupalCon Sydney. In this post, we’d like to discuss its functionality, the methods we used to create it, and the challenges that we faced developing this
hybrid app.

To download the apps and try them out, grab them from the iTunes Store and Google Play store using the links below.

Download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch    Android app on Google Play

We've spotted a few bugs in the first release of the app, so we're doing our best to rectify them and should have a new version out well before DrupalCon begins. There's also a Windows Phone version in the works, so watch this space.

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